Monday, August 27, 2012

What is Repeatable?

Jon Acuff is a writer and speaker and the author of Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job. He was recently interviewed by Chris LoCurto.

When we moved to Nashville, we had the chance to move into this one neighborhood that we really liked and our kids could walk to school and we thought it was amazing. And some of the houses weren't as big, as new or as nice as some of the other ones that were available, but we realized when our kids are in their 30's they're not going to tell as story like "When we were growing up we had the most ample closet space." they're going to say "When we were growing up we got to walk to school." And so one of our principles is "What's the story decision?" We're writing the lore of our kids’ childhoods right now. What are the stories we want to help them write? And walking to school is one of them. And so, for us, that becomes a filter. You go “What is this story going to tell?” And so, for me, realizing things like that, and also realizing what can you repeat and what can’t you repeat? There’s opportunities I say no to right now because I am a dad and a husband and I want to be present. And I know in 12 years from now and the kids are maybe in college and have left the house, I can say yes to more things. But hopefully if those opportunities are still available, I know which one I can repeat. I’ll always hopefully be able to say yes to speaking engagements. I’ll never be able to repeat my kids’ childhood.

What is the story decision?

What decisions are repeatable?

These are two simple ideas which can quickly change your perspective on a decision.  When a decision impacts your family, taking a moment to ask these two questions could shift that answer. 

For me this week it was whether to take a few hours off from work to walk my son to his first day of school.   I'd already come to the decision before hearing this interview, but it gave focus to the feeling I knew was right.  I would never see his first day of kindergarten again, this is not a repeatable moment. 

Hear the full interview at Chirs LoCurto's blog

Jon Acuff's blog

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Large Wooden Ball and Slab Sculptures from Holamon Studios

three irregular pieces of black  wood with concentric circles which cross them all
Excellent large wooden sculptures by Keith Holamon from Holamon Studios. These sculptures are made from the root balls and other pieces of large scrap wood.
The balls are approximately 2ft in diameter or 6 ft 3inches around (good old Pi).   While the slabs vary in size. See the videos after the jump for more examples and how the balls are made on one serious lathe.

three irregular pieces of black  wood with concentric circles which cross them all, and man standing near top to show scale.  14 feet by 10 feet
14ft x 10f Poplar circles
maple wooden ball with concentric rings top to bottom, 2 feet in diameter
Maple Ripple 2 ft in diameter
2 foot in diameter wooden ball with hollow space and dark and light wood
wooden ball 2 feet in diameter with gaps in it
oak slab with two two centers with concentric circles radiating out, overlapping in middle of slab
Oak Slab

Big Wooden Ball Project from Mike Leuis on Vimeo. Vimeo Via Found Shit

Friday, August 3, 2012

"Bicycle" - Stunning Illustration by Ugo Gattoni

Stylized word Bicycle with impressionist versions of bikes

It's a gorgeously detailed 5 meter long illustration of a bike race in London by Ugo Gattoni  Notable places in London are captured as the bicycle race passes through.  Sites include St. Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben and Smithfield meat market.

 I love that the pig's head is coming out of the market because I used to walk by it on my way to work and my lasting memory of the market was of a barrel of pigs heads and getting asked to leave because I was taking pictures.
"Bicycle is a giant leporello book by Ugo Gattoni and published by Nobrow Press
The original is a 5 meters long drawing about bicycles through the streets of London
Released in time for the London 2012 Olympics"
On his site he has other beautiful illustrations and examples of his work.

Bicycle is Available at Nabrow Press

BICYCLE from Éditions Copains on Vimeo.

Sample of illustration with loops and Big Ben and St. Paul's cathedral in London

magnifying glass examining illustration

Pig's head coming out of building, Smithfield meat market

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