Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hobbit Holes from Maine

I got the chance to see these Hobbit Holes in person over the weekend at the Maine Organic Farming Association's (MOFGA) Common Ground fair and they're beautiful.  Inside are curved trusses which support the curved roof lines.  Playhouses start at $2300, sheds at $3600 and cottages at $5500.  They have great round doors on the front, and some models have rectangular doors at the back.  Given the space and the money, they'd be a cute addition to the garden.  Hit the bottom of this page for a tour of the cottage.

And the added benefit, they're made here in Unity, Maine.  Visit Wooden Wonders site for more pictures and pricing. 

hobbit house with green door

hobbit house with door open and futon inside

hobbit house inside with wooden table and chairs

hobbit house showing side dormer

man nailing floor boards in hobbit house

large cottage hobbit house with outside lights and blue door

Friday, September 16, 2011

How to Dock a Folder in Your Taskbar in Windows

This is a great tip on how to dock a folder in your task bar in Windows. It allows you to then navigate down through the layers and access files directly without leaving the document or browser window you're working on. It's quick enough to do, that it can be done and undone based on what you are working on at the moment. It does take up space on the taskbar, which is why you may not want to dock more than one or two folders there, but otherwise is a great, handy tool.

docked folder with files expanded
To dock a folder right click on an empty space on the task bar > Toolbars > New Toolbar >  This opens a new window where you navigate to the folder you want to dock and click "Okay".
To remove a folder from the task bar right click on the folder > Toolbars > and uncheck the file you want to remove.
See the video demonstration below.

Transcript of the video: Hi this is Joshua Howe from I want to show you how to dock a folderin the footer in your taskbar in Windows. Thiswill allow you to then navigate down through the layers of the folder without ever leaving the document or the browser window you're on.So in order to dock oneyou right click on an empty space in your task bargo to toolbars > new tool barand from here you can navigate to the document, sorry the folderthat you want. Drill down (through the files). And now it appears in your taskbar units available to access. Removing documents is just a simple. You go to toolbars and we'll see the two items that are checked are the ones that appear in the taskbar If you click on them and uncheck them they disappear from yourtaskbar.The other thing is if you want to be able to open an entire folder from your desktop you can right clickand say open this'll allow you then to be able to work and manipulate documents within that folder but if you just want to be able to access information in that folder, access the document, that's easy enough to do. You can add new documents to this folder but you can't drag and drop from this window it won't actually let you put anything and move them around from this window.For more information and more tips visit Thank you

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lefty Ironman Watch

Timex ironman watch
I love my Timex Ironman watch with the exception that it doesn’t stay on the time.  It keeps great time, but continually changes the mode it’s in.  This is primarily because the mode buttons are on the left hand side of the watch.  Being left handed, I wear my watch on my right hand, and because of this, when ever I put my hand in my pocket or knock the watch reaching for something, it frequently hits the mode button. The only other one on that side is to set the watch, but that needs to be held down, so that rarely becomes an issue.  Were I right handed, these buttons would be on the arm side (versus hand side), and protected from getting accidentally hit and those that are exposed on the hand side are the light and start/stop buttons.

Given the configurability of electronic components, why don’t manufacturers allow you to configure the buttons on your watch.  With my computer mouse, I can swap left and right buttons, choose my pointer and choose how my scroll wheel works and how fast.  Why can’t I decide which buttons change the mode and which turn on the light?  It could be as simple as providing the option for a left handed and right handed mode.  It could also clean up the face by removing the instructions on the face.  If they’re really necessary, etch them on the back of the watch. 

Were Timex to implement this change, people would complain that its too complicated.  More options add complexity, but give power to the user.  What are you feeling it too complex, but is really greater power?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Would you pay $300 for an ax?

The ax has been around for centuries in essentially the same form, a long handle with either one or two flat blades. There have been long, short, straight and curved handles, and blades that are flat, curved, large and small, but each incarnation is recognizable as an ax.

Then there’s the Leveraxe. Unlike traditional axes where the handle is centered in the blade and split by acting as a wedge, the Leveraxe offsets the handle and the force of the blow, causing the head to twist to the right. This combined with a rapidly widening head, causes the log to split using lever action and preventing the blade from becoming stuck in the log.

The demonstration videos are impressive for sure, but is it worth nearly $300? Don’t miss the slow motion video.

Slow motion video:

Product Page: Lever Ax
Pricing: $282 (incl. shipping)
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