Monday, May 11, 2015

Alcarol's Beautiful use of Resin Casting for Furniture

Alcarol is a design and fabrication studio which is doing amazing work with resin casting to preserve unique features in wood in stone.  

close up of marble ways table with resing top
Marble ways table is made by using the sacrifical table from stone cutting.  When the table bed is too marred from cutting it is replaced.  Acarol is casting these slabs into beautiful tables, preserving the natural kerf marks as well as the stone and sawdust in the process.  (via Core 77)

This video from Vimeo shows the entire process.

Marble Ways from alcarol on Vimeo.

 Fisheye are made from the columns from the canals of Venice which are eaten by worms
closeup of fisheye table pole with resin surrounding the pole
Undergrowth captures the moss and lichens which grow naturally on the trees and are encapsulated to form the edge of shelves.
closeup of undergrowth edge with moss encapsulated in resin

three shelves with the edges encapsulated with resin and moss

Friday, May 8, 2015

JAM Furniture from Reclaimed Wood

Jam furniture home page with grinder making sparks
Short video about Ben Cramp and his path to making furniture from reclaimed lumber under the name JAM Furniture.

What resonated with me is that he talks about how he enjoyed industrial design, but realized that the future of that, were he to stay in that industry, would be behind a desk.  By shifting to his own work, he can do the design and the building which he finds more fulfilling.

JAM - A SHORT FILM from Fine Rolling Media on Vimeo.

via Core 77

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Which active is your business when it comes to People with Disabilities?

How does your business serve individuals with disabilities as customers or employees?

Inactive: We never have anyone with a disability, so it's not an issue.

Reactive: We respond when we're asked for something.   It's generally a scramble, but we get the information and haven't been sued.

Proactive: We ensure that we consider issues of disability and accessibility in our business decisions.  Our business location and materials are accessible for people with disabilities.  We prominently display how individuals with disabilities can receive assistance and our staff are trained on how to help.

Are you ignoring 20% of your customers?
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