Monday, September 21, 2015

Instagram gem from @lallydone

I love the internet for some of these little gems that often get lost in the tubes. Just a basic observation about being yourself and the pressure, even when really young, to stay firmly within the lines.(I love the tag #pizzarollsnotgenderrolls  Follow her at Instagram @lallydone
Sometimes I forget that we live in a rather insulated little bubble; that we have carved out our place among friends where nobody bats an eyelid when my son turns up dressed like this. It never ceases to amaze me that somebody could be bothered by what he chooses to wear - grown adults, no less - and the idea that it could be confusing to them, that it could affect them so much they need to make their disapproval obvious... I just don't understand. I understand the curiosity and confusion of children who haven't been taught that there are possibilities outside of stereotyped gender norms. It's often little girls who make comments about Red's appearance, which is fine, I think, be curious, let us help you broaden your horizons. It is sad though when they point Red out to their parents and the parents make a scathing remark or even worse, laugh. I want to say (but in the moment the words never quite come to me): open your minds and see a confident and well-adjusted boy. He loves his outfits. And most importantly he is happy. Why anyone would look at a child (or really at anyone else) and judge them based on how they choose to present themselves is beyond me. See the happy soul in front of you instead being somehow offended by the "weird" clothing, try to find that happiness and love within yourself. Over and out. ✌️ #pizzarollsnotgenderroles #redthedestroyer
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Beautiful Cycling gif

Love this cycling gif from Henning M Lederer created f a music video for Max Cooper.

 See entire video below
via Dezeen
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