Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cassette Tape table from Skierka designs Now Available

I'd previously written about this amazing cassette tape table from Jeff Skierka.It's a 30' x 47 1/4 maple, Baltic birch plywood and walnut table with a glass top.  

It's now available for purchase form Jeff's website, Jeff Skierka Designs for $4950.   From the video they've released to accompany the sale of the table, they've modified the design to use ply wood and CNC machines to do the detial work.

The video below provides some idea of the steps and labor involved in creating this table. Even if the parts are cut using a machine, the work involved in this table is immense.

wooden table which looks like a cassette tape. Image taken from right corner just above table level

Close up of right bottom corner showing glass top and layers of plywood for body

"If it doesn't flip, it's not a true tape. It has to flip. It's a tape."
- Jeff Skierka 

Two men holding table top as they flip it over

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