Monday, December 29, 2014

Great Giant Wooden Lego men

image of two large wooden lego men
Giant Lego men
 If you don't know of then you need to.  It's an amazing site with instructions on creating or making a range of items.  Whether it's electronics, sewing, cooking, science experiments or interesting effects, Instructables has enough to keep you busy.

I continue to be awed and inspired by some of the makers at Instructables and this is one such project.  Not only is it Lego which is a current big hit in my house post-Christmas, it's wood.  Simon Begg execution of it is gorgeous.   He's a professional wood turner, but obviously also a talented wood crafter as well.

The men were created at a scale of 1:6.25 using Huon pine, Australian red cedar and American walnut.

close picture of lego man head with hand in waving position
Lego man waving

man with beard holding two wooden lego men, one which is holding small plastic lego man
Simon Begg

More pictures and build instructions are available at Instructables or visit Simon's Facebook page for more of his work.

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