Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Texas Chainsaw Orchestra

Dance music frequently remixes beats and sounds which are both familiar and unique.  This week's show by DJ Kutski integrated a chainsaw into his hard beats (starts around 54 minutes but the real fun starts @ 55:30).  While I don't know whether it was the DJ's touch or part of another beat he brought in, it got me searching for some chainsaw music. 

Apparently there are two Texas Chainsaw Orchestras out there, though neither are still around from what I can tell.

The first Texas Chainsaw Orchestra is a "gothabilly band" based in the UK and (sadly) doesn't use a chainsaw in their act nor do they appear to be touring an longer.  They do provide some decent music and kitsch. Hit the jump for some samples from the (abandoned?) MySpace page.

The other has a  cd (and cassette tape)on Amazon of instrumental covers using a chainsaw and other power tools including  American Woman by the Guess Who and Birthday by the Beatles.  Head over to Amazon for samples.

Like the name and want to get the band back together? is still available.

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