Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sock Glue

When I was a kid, there was a joke that you always played on the new person when you took them bowling for the first time.  You'd send them to the desk for "lane wax".  When I first saw sock glue, I wondered whether this was more lane wax.

Apparently not.  It's a product that has roots both in Asia as well as Ireland.  In Asia it's used to hold up "loose socks", oversized socks worn by Japanese schoolgirls. While one site selling the socks listed them at approximately 27 inches long, in a Youtube video showing how to wear loose socks, they appear significantly longer.
image of legs only wearing loose socks

In Ireland they're used for competition Irish dancing, where participants' socks must stay in place and should be exactly the same height as others on their team. One blogger tells the story of an Irish dancer loaning them their sock glue to a gymnast, only to realize that gymnasts don't wear socks.  It's used to prevent  "mid-floor routine wedgies" and called Butt Glue
irish dancers
So, if you're in need of sock glue, butt glue or adhesive for any part of the body, it can be gotten at your local internet retailer.

Loose socks image used with permission from markii187
Dancers image used with permission from OZinOH

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