Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chris Hosmer and his Tape Pictures (and other stuff)

Chris Hosmer is an artist who currently lives in China and is managing director of Continuum Shanghai.  I came across his tape "drawings"on the design blog Core77, but as a dug into his site, realized he's a versatile talented artist.

Tape Drawings

"I first saw a tape drawing while I was working in the Saturn Studio at GM's Tech Center in Warren, MI. I was the design lead for a 3 person team tasked to develop a Saturn concept vehicle. My two colleagues, a sculptor and an engineer, sat together as we watched a veteran car designer draw a full scale car profile in tape. It was revelatory for me. I never considered drawing this way before. The car designers do it because it's a little bit more controllable than a white board. And it's physical. It requires your whole body."

Hashidate Stop Motion from Chris Hosmer on Vimeo.


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