Thursday, January 28, 2016

Introducing MakerFreak

Letters FRK and below that the words Maker Freak
I've been interested in carving out my making in a more structured way for a while.  MakerFreak is that way.

I've started a new YouTube channel and will be posting things under the Maker Freak label. Projects will also be posted here on the MakerFreak page of

Why Maker Freak
My making doesn't really have a single focus.  While I do woodwork, I also cook, sew, home repair, electronics and general exploration and making.  The other part of making for me isn't just the technique, its the mindset and the process.

The mindset of a maker is bigger than just creating.  When I read or think about the skills which leaders need and what the future will require, the maker embodies these.  Makers are curious, willing to try new things, willing to learn, willing to fail.  Makers are explorers and artists.   They use critical thinking to understand how something works and create something new.  What they don't know, they learn by reading, researching, talking to others or experimenting.

The process of making is about being observant of the world around us.   Makers question.  The Maker Freak channel will be a reflection of that mindset.

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