Monday, January 2, 2017

Maker Freak 10 Minute Harry Potter Wizard Hat

There's a (relatively) new video up on my Maker Freak You Tube channel.  The 10 Minute Harry Potter Wizard came about because a few days before Halloween, my son informed me that he needed a hat to round out his Ron Weasley costume.

I prototyped it with some paper, playing initially with wrapping it into a cone.  I didn't like that approach because it left a lot of waste once I'd have cut off the bottom to make an even brim.   It occurred to me that I could just do two relative triangles (slight curve at the bottom).  Once I figured that out, it was a very quick built.  

For the outer material, I'd wanted a furry red material, but didn't have any luck finding red hairy material.  I did have some red fur from inside an old swimming deck coat of mine from college.  It's a little ratty looking but served the purpose.  I really enjoyed the super tall hats, foolishly tall and impractical.   I have yet to find a good excuse to wear them, maybe next time at the sledding hill.

The full instructions are over at Instructables.  I hope you enjoy the project. I'd appreciate it if you'd like, share and subscribe. 

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