Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Transparent Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert- Maker Freak

For a while, I've wanted to make this insert and finally took the time to get it out.

I like the results of the build, though it has a tendency to get dusty.   A little more playing with it and it may be a regular feature in my videos.   As you'll see, I played with a few camera angles from both above and below. I think I like the shots from below best as you can see the wood pass over the blade.

There are a few notes on the build below that you may want to check out if you're going to try this.

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 Notes on the build
  • I used a very fine blade on the bandsaw to cut the plexiglass, then sanded to get final fit. 
  • When cutting the slot in the insert I used a plywood blade on backwards. I got the idea from when I did some vinyl siding, and that was the recommended way to cut that on the saw and worked great on the plexiglass. 
  • The board I used to hold down the insert had a slot cut in it, through which I raised the blade. What's not on the video, is that when I first started raising the blade, it wasn't aligned correctly and started cutting the wood (poorly). Rather than cutting it was more burning the wood because the blade was on backwards.   Once I realigned it, it was fine. 

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