Thursday, May 5, 2011

Amazing Wood

I love wood.  I'm fascinated by it's properties, colors, grains and what people can do with wood.  Below are some beautiful pieces from some amazing craftsman


Using wood scanning systems, the manufacturer optimizes the use of each board by cutting along the unique lines that a tree gives providing a truly unique product. Sadly, it doesn't appear to yet be available in America.

Splinter Bike 

Splinter bike is an all wood bike crafted by hand by Michael Thompson and will be ridden by James Tully in an attempt to break the land speed record.  This amazing piece of engineering has been hand crafted and uses no metal fasteners.

Kinetic Marble Track

A project that you can build, this marble track is the baddest of kids toys, running around the entire room.

The Floris Wubben upside down chair and upside down lounge chair

These stunning chairs were made using inverted willow trees.
"The legs have been obtained by twisting and splinting its branches and letting it dry into the final shape.  The seat and back were naturally kept in line with the bole’s silhouette. This project had been put in practice jointly with the artist Bauke."

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