Thursday, September 1, 2011

Would you pay $300 for an ax?

The ax has been around for centuries in essentially the same form, a long handle with either one or two flat blades. There have been long, short, straight and curved handles, and blades that are flat, curved, large and small, but each incarnation is recognizable as an ax.

Then there’s the Leveraxe. Unlike traditional axes where the handle is centered in the blade and split by acting as a wedge, the Leveraxe offsets the handle and the force of the blow, causing the head to twist to the right. This combined with a rapidly widening head, causes the log to split using lever action and preventing the blade from becoming stuck in the log.

The demonstration videos are impressive for sure, but is it worth nearly $300? Don’t miss the slow motion video.

Slow motion video:

Product Page: Lever Ax
Pricing: $282 (incl. shipping)

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