Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hobbit Holes from Maine

I got the chance to see these Hobbit Holes in person over the weekend at the Maine Organic Farming Association's (MOFGA) Common Ground fair and they're beautiful.  Inside are curved trusses which support the curved roof lines.  Playhouses start at $2300, sheds at $3600 and cottages at $5500.  They have great round doors on the front, and some models have rectangular doors at the back.  Given the space and the money, they'd be a cute addition to the garden.  Hit the bottom of this page for a tour of the cottage.

And the added benefit, they're made here in Unity, Maine.  Visit Wooden Wonders site for more pictures and pricing. 

hobbit house with green door

hobbit house with door open and futon inside

hobbit house inside with wooden table and chairs

hobbit house showing side dormer

man nailing floor boards in hobbit house

large cottage hobbit house with outside lights and blue door

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