Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lefty Ironman Watch

Timex ironman watch
I love my Timex Ironman watch with the exception that it doesn’t stay on the time.  It keeps great time, but continually changes the mode it’s in.  This is primarily because the mode buttons are on the left hand side of the watch.  Being left handed, I wear my watch on my right hand, and because of this, when ever I put my hand in my pocket or knock the watch reaching for something, it frequently hits the mode button. The only other one on that side is to set the watch, but that needs to be held down, so that rarely becomes an issue.  Were I right handed, these buttons would be on the arm side (versus hand side), and protected from getting accidentally hit and those that are exposed on the hand side are the light and start/stop buttons.

Given the configurability of electronic components, why don’t manufacturers allow you to configure the buttons on your watch.  With my computer mouse, I can swap left and right buttons, choose my pointer and choose how my scroll wheel works and how fast.  Why can’t I decide which buttons change the mode and which turn on the light?  It could be as simple as providing the option for a left handed and right handed mode.  It could also clean up the face by removing the instructions on the face.  If they’re really necessary, etch them on the back of the watch. 

Were Timex to implement this change, people would complain that its too complicated.  More options add complexity, but give power to the user.  What are you feeling it too complex, but is really greater power?

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